Working at a Harley-Davidson dealership is tons of fun. There was a day however, when Harley-Davidson was just one of a large number of American made motorcycle brands. With my affliction for vintage and nostalgia I have started to collect images from the early days. I will keep adding pics to this gallery as I find them. Click the thumbnail images below for some really cool old full size motorcycle images.

Vintage Advertising Profiles 
Vintage Advertising Profiles
Vintage Motorcycle Girls
Vintage Motorcycle Girls

Vintage Motorcycle Sepia


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1964 Buick Electra 225 Sport Coupe"Bertha" is our 1964 Buick Electra 225 Sport Coupe. She was a proverbial barn find. I found her in Fairfax, Missouri covered in years of dirt and raccoon fur. The previous owner had purchased her with the best of intentions. As with the case with many "projects" the time, money and motivation to continue must have quickly waned. She was complete, was an original AC car with all of the power options and the rare Leather Bucket Seat option with the space-age center console in tact! The owner allowed me to work on the old gal in his building for a few weekends until I was able to get her running well enough to drive her on to the transport trailer. It was mid July 2012, I told the wife "We'll drive her to Greaserama!".  "Right", she responded in a sarcastic tone. Greaserama is a Labor Day Weekend event. I work 60 to 70 hours a week at my normal job. The six weeks worth of off time hardly seemed like a reasonable expectation at the time.

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I have a pretty strong infatuation with 1960's style traditional customs. Especially well done, clean and very low 1959 through 1964 models. This is just a growing gallery of cars to my liking. Peruse and comment or send me some pics of your ride! Click the "Read More" below for full size images.

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  • 1902_Indian_Camelback
  • 1904_wanderer_motorrad
  • 1910_Flying_Merkel_Model_W
  • 1911_Thor_IV
  • 1912_Indian_8_Valve

  • 1914_Indian
  • 1914_Thor
  • 1915_Harley_Davidson
  • 1917_Thor_Motorcycle
  • 1922_Reading_Standard_Electric

  • 1923SideCar
  • 1923_Ace
  • 1923_Carter_Carb_Ad_Art
  • 1923_Harley-Davidson
  • 1923_Harley-Davidson_61_Twin

  • 1923_Harley-Davidson_74_Twin
  • 1923_Harley-Davidson_b
  • 1923_Harley-Davidson_c
  • 1923_Henderson_Ace
  • 1923_Indian_Chief

  • 1923_Indian_Chief_w_Princess_Sidecar
  • 1923_Indian_Scout
  • 1923_Indian_Standard
  • 1925ExcelsiorSuperX
  • 1932_Indian_Four

  • 2736251649_4269d43981_m
  • ExcelsiorPDF2
  • flying-merkel
  • merkel1901
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