I just purchased a 1964 Buick Electra 225 Coupe. This is a Photoshop styling exercise. I Will definitely be removing a lot of the peripheral trim like the "Electra 225" on the rear quarters, the text scripts on the front and back, the Buick "Side Portals" and the mirrors.  I also plan to go with Wide White Wall tires on black steel wheels with bullet center caps and lugs and trim rings. I also want to modify the front grill to remove the big circle for the Buick emblem. The car is going to be smoothed out and wrapped in vinyl. Either Metallic Gunmetal Grey or gloss black. It will have a metalflake roof however, I have not decided yet whether to go with traditional silver or perhaps a color. If a color, I am leaning toward Red or Gold.

Photos of the actual car are coming soon. You will be able to watch the build right here on YouTube!